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men of Carmarthen (hominibus de Kaermerdin') was granted an exemption from murage dated 5/3/1233.

Pro hominibus de Kaermerdin'.—Mandatum est ballivis Bristoll' quod occasione concessionis regis, quam rex eis fecit de consuetudinibus et theloneis quibusdam capiendis in villa Bristoll' ad ipsam claudendam, nullam consuetudinem vel theloneum aliquod capiat (sic) ab hominibus de Kaermerdin, qui villam suam claudant de voluntate regis, cum contigerit ipsos ad villam suam venire cum mercandisis suis, donec rex aliud preceperit. Teste ut supra. {Teste rege apud Keneton', v. die Marcii.}
March 7. 1242. Westminster 26 Henry III
Wallia.—Rex concessit burgensibus de Kaermerdin quod de cetero in villa Bristoll' quieti sint de muragio, ita quod de eodem muragio claudant villam suam de Kaermerdin. Et mandatum est ballivis de Bristoll' quod predictos burgenses de Kaermerdin de cetero non distringant ad predictam consuetudinem in villa Bristoll' prestandam. Teste ut supra. {Teste rege apud Westm', vij. die Marcii.}

Granted by Henry III. (Regnal year 17). Granted at Keneton'.
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1905, Calendar of Close Rolls Henry III (1231-34) Vol. 2 p. 199 online
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1911, Calendar of Close Rolls Henry III (1237-42) Vol. 4 p. 400 online

Secondary Sources
Turner, H.L., 1971, Town Defences in England and Wales (London) p. 38

The first town to be given this privilege was Carmarthen, in 1233... the citizens were specifically exempt from payment of murage at Bristol. (Turner)
Bristol had had a new murage grant in 1241. The working out of grants and exemptions was still in progress. Precedents needed to be set.

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