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Carthusian Priory of Hinton (Heynton) was granted an exemption from murage dated reign of Edward I.

Feb. 8. 1310. Westminster. 3 Edward II
Exemption of the goods of the priors and brethren of Henton and Wytham, of the Carthusian Order, from any taxes which may be granted to the king by the commonalty of the kingdom or the clergy, in consideration of a like exemption granted to them by the late king. By K.
May 28. 1345. Westminster. 19 Edward III
To the mayor and bailiffs of Bristol. Order to supersede the exactions made on the prior and brethren of Heynton, of the Carthusian order, for murage, pannage, quayage and other customs for things which they bought in that town for works and other necessary things, restoring to them anything which they have levied for that cause, as Henry III granted that the prior and brethren might buy things necessary for their own use throughout the realm, and sell their goods and other things without toll or any other custom, and now the king has learned from the prior and brethren that although they ought to be quit of murage, etc. by virtue of that charter, yet the mayor and bailiffs exact them of them, whereupon they have besought the king to provide a remedy, and it was not the king's intention, when granting murage, etc. that the prior and brethren should be charged therewith, as their possessions are very slender, and they live under a very strict rule

Granted by Henry III.
Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources
Page, Wm (ed), 1911, 'Houses of Carthusian monks: The priory of Hinton' VCH Somerset Vol. 2 p. 118-123 online

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