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citizens of London was granted an exemption from murage dated 17/4/1299.

Inspeximus and confirmation of the following charters in favour of the citizens of London:-
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Moreover, …
and the said citizens shall be quit of pavge, pontage and murage throughout the realm and all the king's lands and dominions; …
May 20. 1350. Westminster. 24 Edward III
To the chamberlain of Berwick upon Tweed and to the mayor and bailiffs of that town and to all bailiffs, ministers and lieges. Order to permit the citizens of London to enjoy the liberties granted to them, as by charters of the kings of England they ought to be quit throughout the king's realm and power and all lands subject to the crown of England, of toll, pannage, murage, pontage and other customs, which charters the king has confirmed and has further granted that they may use those liberties where they have not hitherto used them, and now the king has learned from the citizens that although the king gave order by divers writs that they should be permitted to enjoy those liberties, yet the chamberlain and others, pretending that the king had nothing in Scotland for some time after the making of the said charters, and therefore the liberties granted to those citizens ought not to be valid in that land, have delayed to allow those liberties to the citizens, distraining some of them, who came to that town and the neighbouring parts with their goods and merchandise, to pay the toll and other customs thereon, whereupon the citizens have besought the king to provide a remedy, and he wishes to show favour to them for their good service to him. By p.s. and by C.
Et erat patens.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 27). Granted at Westminster.
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Secondary Sources
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