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burgesses of Bristol was granted an exemption from murage dated 28/3/1300.

Inspeximus and confirmation of the following charters in favour of the burgesses of Bristol:-
1. A charter of John, count of Mortain, witnessed at Bristol {Seyer, _Charters and Letters Patent of Bristol_ p. 5}
2. A charter, dated at Westminster, 1 May, 11 Henry III {Vol. I. p. 35. Seyer, p. 12}
3. A charter, dated at Woodstock, 17 August, 36 Henry III. {Vol. I. p. 402. Seyer, p. 16}
4. A charter, dated at Gloucester, 24 July, 40 Henry III. {Seyer, p. 22}
With grant of further liberties and immunities. {Seyer, p. 25}
By fine before the council.
Praeterea concessimus iisdem burgensibus pro nobis et hasredibus nostris, quod ipsi et successores sui, burgenses ejusdem villae, inperpetuum sint quieti de muragio, stallagio et pavagio per totum regnum nostrum et potestatem nostram.
Moreover we have granted to the said burgesses, for us and our heirs,that they and their successors, burgesses of the same town, shall be for ever quit of murage, stallage and pavage throughout the whole of our kingdom and dominion. (Seyer)
Br'e pro burgens' Bristoll' de murag', etc.
Writ alias to the Mayor and Sheriffs to allow burgesses of Bristol to pass quit of toll, lastage, murage, pavage, &c.
Witness the King at Westminster, 18 March, 11 Edward III. {A.D. 1336-7}.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 28). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By fine before the council..
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Secondary Sources
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