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citizens of Lincoln was granted an exemption from murage dated 25/2/1301.

Edwardus Dei gratia Rex Anglie Dominus Hibernie et Dux Aquitanie Archiepiscopis, Episcopis, Abbatibus, Prioribus, Comitibus, Baronibus, Justiciariis, Vicecomitibus, Prepositis, Ministris et omnibus Ballivis et fidelibus suis salutem.
Inspeximus cartam quam Celebris memorie Dominus Henricus quondam Rex Anglorum proavus noster fecit ciuibus Lincolnie in hec verba.
Henricus Rex Anglorum et Dux Normannorum et Aquitanorum et Comes Andegavorum omnibus Norrensibus qui veniunt ad portum de Grimesby vel ad alios portus meos de Lincolnscira salutem.
Precipio quod faciatis Prepositis meis Lincolnie omnes rectitudines et consuetudines quas solebatis facere tempore Regis Henrici avi mei Prepositis Lincolnie. Et prohibeo ne quis vestrum detineat eis theloneum vel aliam consuetudinem injuste super decem librarum forisfacturam.
Teste W. filio Johannis apud Wirecestriam.
{Inspection of several other charters}
Nos autem donationes, concessiones et confirmationes predictas, ratas habentes et gratas.- eas pro nobis et heredibus nostris predictis Ciuibus et successoribus suis Ciuibus eiusdem Ciuitatis concedimus et confirmamus.- sicut carte et littere predicte rationabiliter testantur. Et si forte iidem Ciues aliqua vel aliquibus libertatum in dictis Cartis et litteris contentarum hactenus plene vsi non fuerint.- nichilominus volumus et concedimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris, quod iidem Ciues et successores sui predicti libertate vel libertatibus illis decetero gaudeant et vtantur. Concessimus insuper pro nobis et heredibus nostris eisdem Ciuibus, quod ipsi et successores sui predicti imper- petuum sint quieti de muragio, pauagio, pontagio, wharuagio, stallagio et terragio per totum regnum nostrum et totam terram ac potestatem nostram.
Hiis testibus venerabilibus patribus. R. Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, A. Dunelmensi J. Lincolniensi. W. Couentrensi et Lichefeldensi, et J. Karliolensi Episcopis. Johanne de Warenna Surrie, Thoma Lan- castrie, Rogero Le Bigod Norffolcie Marescallo Anglie, Guidone de bello campo Warrewici et Radulpho de Monte Hermerij Gloucestrie et Hertfordie Comitibus, Johanne de Britannia, Johanne de Sancto Johanne, Johanne de Segraue, Reginaldo de Grey, Johanne de Hastinges, Waltero de Bello campo Senescallo Hospicii nostri, Petro de Tatintona, et aliis. Data per manum nostram apud Lincolniam vicesimo quinto die Februarij, anno regni nostri Vicesimo Nono. Per finem factum coram Thesaurario Sumery.

Edward by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine to the Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Priors, Earls, Barons, Justices, Sheriffs, Provosts, Ministers and all his Bailiffs and faithful men greeting.
We have inspected the charter which the Lord Henry of illustrious memory formerly King of England our great-grandfather made to the citizens of Lincoln in these words.
Henry King of England and Duke of the Normans and Aquitanians and Count of the Angevins to all the men of Norway who come to the port of Grimsby or to other my ports of Lincolnshire greeting.
I command that ye yield to my provosts of Lincoln all the rights and customs which ye were wont to yield in the time of King Henry my grandfather to the Provosts of Lincoln. And I forbid that any one of you withhold from them toll or other custom unjustly under penalty of ten pounds.
Witness : W. son of John at Worcester.
{Inspection of several other charters}
We therefore having ratified and gratified the donations, grants and confirmations aforesaid, grant and confirm them for ourselves and our heirs to the aforesaid citizens and their successors citizens of the same city, just as the charters and letters aforesaid reasonably bear witness. And if perchance the same citizens have not hitherto fully used any one or more of the liberties contained in the said charters and letters nevertheless we will and grant for ourselves and our heirs that the same citizens and their successors aforesaid may from henceforth enjoy and use that liberty or those liberties. We have moreover granted for ourselves and our heirs to the same citizens that they and their successors aforesaid be for ever quit of murage, pavage, pontage, wharfage, stallage and terrage throughout the whole of our realm and the whole of our land and dominion. These being the witnesses: the venerable fathers R{obert} Archbishop of Canterbury, A{nthony}- Bishop of Durham, J{ohn} Bishop of Lincoln, W{alter} Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and J{ohn} Bishop of Carlisle, John de Warenne Earl of Surrey, Thomas Earl of Lancaster, Roger Le Bigod Earl of Norfolk, Marshal of England, Guy de Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, and Ralph de Monthermer Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, John de Bretagne, John de St John, John de Segrave, Reginald de Grey, John de Hastings, Walter de Beauchamp Steward of our household, Peter de Tatintone, and others. Dated by our hand at Lincoln on the twenty-fifth day of February, in the twenty-ninth year of our reign. By fine made before the Treasurer Sumery.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 29). Granted at Lincoln.
Primary Sources
De Gray Birch, W. (ed), 1911, The royal charters of the city of Lincoln, Henry II to William III (CUP) p. 18- online

Secondary Sources
Ballard, A. and Tait, J. (eds), 1923, British borough charters, 1216-1307 p. 262

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 21/02/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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