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burgesses of Berwick on Tweed was granted an exemption from murage dated 4/8/1302.

Grant, for the bettering of the town of Berwick on Tweed, that the said town in future shall be a free borough and the men thereof free burgesses having all the liberties and free customs belonging to a free borough.
{numerous liberties}
The burgesses and their heirs through all the king's realm and dominions shall be quit of toll, pontage, passage, murage, pavage, cavage (cauagio), lastage, carriage, picage, quayage, rivage and of all sale, achate and rechate (achato et rechato), with soc and sac, thol and theam, warde and wardepeny, and all other customs, and shall be quit of furnishing their goods and merchandise.
{further liberties}
18 February 1482. 22 Edward IV. Westminster.
Confirmatio cartarum burgensibus villae de Berewico super Twedam factarum.

Volumus etiam & concedimus quod dicti burgens' & eorum hered' per totum regnum & potestatem nostram de theolonio pontagio passagio muragio pavagio canagio lastagio cariagio picagio kaiagio rivagio & de tota venditõe achatto …
Data per manum nostram apud Westm' quarto die Augusti anno regni nostri tricesimo.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 30). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By K..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1908, Calendar of Charter Rolls Edward I, Edward II 1300-1326 Vol. 3. (HMSO) p. 27-29 online
Macpherson, D., Caley, J. and Illingsworth, W. (eds), 1814, Rotuli scotiae in Turri londensi et in Domo capitulari westmonasteriensi asservati (Record Comission) Vol. 2 p. 458

Secondary Sources
Ballard, A. and Tait, J. (eds), 1923, British borough charters, 1216-1307 p. 261

HULL, 1299. Quod dicti burgenses et eorum heredes per totum regnum et potestatem nostram de theolonio, pontagio, passagio, paviagio, muragio et omnibus aliis consuetudinibus de rebus et mercandisis suis propriis prestandis inperpetuum sint quieti.
(That the said burgesses and their heirs throughout all our kingdom and realm shall be quit of paying toll, pontage, passage, pavage and murage and all other customs on their own goods and wares for ever.) BERWICK-ON-TWEED, 1302. Line 3. After muragio insert cavagio (due for cellarage), lastagio, carriagio, picagio, kaiagio, ryvagio, et de tota vendicione, achato et rechato suo per totum regnum etc. (as above) cum socco et sacca, et tol et theam, warda et wardpeny. (Ballard and Tait)

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