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citizens of Waterford was granted an exemption from murage dated 1352.

The citizens of Waterford to have these liberties:--that their mayor and bailiffs shall have cognizance of all pleas both of tenure and trespasses within the liberty of the city, or in pleas to which citizens are parties, that they be not joined with strangers in assizes, juries, or inquisitions concerning matters within the liberty, that the mayor may take his oath of office before his predecessor, and not before the Exchequer in Dublin; that the mayor and bailiffs may render their account to the Exchequer by attorney; and that they shall have standards of measures, balances, and weights, and assay of the same, and assize of bread, wine, and beer; that the clerk of the market shall test these standards once in seven years at a fee of one mark, and have no other concern with the town; that they be quit of murage, quayage, pavage, and barbicanage, and have toll (keltol) of all vessels loading or unloading in the port without licence, as at Bristol; with all escheats and forfeitures of lands and tenements within the liberty, without the King having the year, day, and waste, with goods and chattels of felons and fugitives. Waterford (Ireland).

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 26). Granted at Waterford.
Primary Sources
National Archive C 143/307/8 online

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