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burgesses of Beverley was granted an exemption from murage dated 11/4/1307.

Inspeximus and confirmation of the following charters in favour of the burgesses of Beverley: —
1. A charter dated at Westminster, 13 February, 21 Henry III. {Calendar I. 226. Rotuli Chartarum, 53.}
2. A charter dated at Westminster, 2 June, 56 Henry III, granting to the burgesses of Beverley that through all the king's land and power they and their goods, wherever found, shall not be arrested for any debt whereof they are not sureties or principal debtors, and that the said burgesses for any trespass or forfeiture of their servants shall not lose any goods found in the hands of their servants or by them deposited anywhere, so far as they can prove ownership; witnesses, W. archbishop of York, R. Burnel, archdeacon of York, Robert Aguillon, Elias de Rabayne, Imbert de Muntferraunt, Stephen de Eddeworth, Ralph de Bakepuz, Walter de Burges. {Not enrolled on the Charter Roll of 56 Henry III.}
with further grant, out of devotion to St. John of Beverley, that none of the said liberties shall be abrogated by non-user in the past, and that the burgesses shall be quit of pavage and murage through all the king's realm and power.
By p.s.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 35). Granted at Carlisle. Grant by By p.s..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1908, Calendar of Charter Rolls Edward I, Edward II 1300-1326 Vol. 3. (HMSO) p. 100 online

Secondary Sources
Ballard, A. and Tait, J. (eds), 1923, British borough charters, 1216-1307 p. 262

Inspeximus of charters and additional grant to be be quit of murage

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