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master and college of Fotheringhay Collegiate Church of All Saints (Fodryngheye) was granted an exemption from murage dated 18/12/1411.

Pur la fundacioun del college de Fodryngheye. \York./
18. Item, une cedule contenant la fourme de certeines lettres patentes pur founder un college perpetuelle de certeins seculers persones par nostre seignur le roy, et Edward duk d'Everwyk, a Fodryngheye en le counte de Norhampton', et de lour granter certeines possessions, libertees, fraunchises, et acquitances pur lour sustenance, feust lue devaunt le roy et les seignurs espirituelx et temporelx, et les communes, en cest present parlement esteantz, en la fourme q'enseute:
Henricus Dei gracia rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibernie omnibus ad quos presentes littere pervenerint salutem. Sciatis quod nos (caritatis et devocionis fervore succensi cupientesque cultum divinum dum vitam duxerimus in humanis ad laudem et decorem nominis illius qui prospera cuncta largitur et nulla bona irremunerata relinquit adaugere, ut cum nos ab hac luce terrena simus orbati luce perpetua in ipsius conspectu qui vera lux est congaudere valeamus) quoddam collegium perpetuum in quodam solo sex acras terre continente, infra procinctum domini carissimi consanguinei nostri Edwardi ducis Ebor' de Fodryngheye in comitatu Norht' situatum, quod quidem solum ab eodem consanguineo nostro per cartam suam nobis heredibus et assignatis nostris in hac parte factam adquisivimus in honore gloriosissime virginis Marie genitricis domini nostri Jehu Cristi et omnium sanctorum de certis personis secularibus, videlicetde uno magistro duodecim capellanis octo clericis et tresdecim choristis vel infra numerum illum, divina pro salubri statu nostro et carissime consortis …

Et similiter de eodem assensu concessimus et per presentes concedimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris prefatis magistro et collegio quod ipsi et successores sui ac omnes et singuli homines et tenentes dominicorum maneriorum terrarum et tenementum ac possessionum spiritualium et temporalium quorumcumque eisdem magistro et collegio qualitercumque et ubicumque collatorum donatorum concessorum sive assignatorum seu conferendorum donandorum concedendorum sive assignandorum quieti sint imperpetuum pro terris et tenementis suis, ac bonis et catallis suis venerabilibus et aliis quibuslibet eorum infra dominica et potestatem nostra de omnimodis theoloniis muragiis picagiis lastagiis stallagiis pontagiis passagiis panagiis cariagiis prisis et chiminagiis ac geldis misericordiis sectis comitatuum et hundredorum ac de murdris et latrociniis quibuscumque.

In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Westm' .xviij. die Decembris anno regni nostri terciodecimo.
Sur quoy, eue bone advis et deliberacioun par nostre dit seignur le roy et les seignurs et communes avauntditz sur tout la contenue de dite cedule, mesme nostre seignur le roy, del assent de les seignurs et communes suisditz, voet et grante, qe lettres patentes, contenantz les fourme et effect en la dite cedule comprisez, soient faitz et ensealez dessoutz soun grand seal, et pleinement executz en toutz pointz, solonc les purport et contenue d'icelles, et qe mesmes les lettres patentes soient pleinement enactez, et enrollez en rolle de parlement.

{Concerning the foundation of the college of Fotheringhay by the king and the duke of York}.
18. Concerning the foundation of the college of Fotheringhay. York. Also, a schedule giving the form of certain letters patent for the foundation of a perpetual college for certain secular persons by our lord the king and Edward, duke of York, at Fotheringhay in the county of Northampton, and of their grant of certain possessions, liberties, franchises, and acquittances for their support, was read before the king and the lords spiritual and temporal and the commons who were present in this present parliament, as follows:
Henry, by the grace of God king of England and France and lord of Ireland, to all who shall read these present letters, greeting. You are to know that we - having been inflamed by the fervour of charity and devotion, and desiring divine service whilst we are alive to the glory and honour of the name of Him who greatly favours all and leaves no good deeds unrewarded, so that when we are taken from this earthly light we may be able to rejoice in perpetual light in the sight of the same who is the true light - have founded a certain perpetual college in a certain field containing six acres of land situated within the precinct of our dearest kinsman, Edward, duke of York, at Fotheringhay, in the county of Northampton, which certain field we have acquired from our same kinsman by his charter made to us, our heirs and assigns in this matter, for the honour of the most glorious Virgin Mary, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all the saints, for certain secular persons; namely for a master, twelve chaplains, eight clerks and thirteen choristers, or less than that number, for salutary divine service for our health and that of our dear consort …

And similarly, by the same assent we have granted and by these presents confirmed to the aforesaid master and college for us and our heirs that they and their successors, and each and every man and tenant on the demesnes, manors, lands and tenements, and spiritual and temporal possessions whatsoever conferred given, granted or assigned, or to be conferred, given, granted or assigned peacefully to the same master and college in any way and wherever, will be held as their lands and tenements forever, and their ecclesiastical goods and chattels, and any of them within our demesne and dominion, together with all kinds of tolls, murage, pickage, lastage, stallage, pontage, passage, pannage, carriage, prises and taxes for the use of roads or paths, and gelds, amercements, suits of the counties and hundreds, and all murderers and thieves whatsoever.

In testimony of which we have caused these our letters patent to be made. Witnessed by myself at Westminster, 18 December, in the thirteenth year of our reign.
Whereupon, when our said lord the king and the aforesaid lords and commons had had good advice and deliberation on all the contents of the said schedule, our same lord the king, by the assent of the aforesaid lords and commons, wills and grants that letters patent stating the terms specified in the said schedule should be made and sealed under his great seal, and fully enforced in all points according to their tenor and content, and that the same letters patent should be fully recorded and enrolled on the roll of parliament.
Foundation, with the assent of the king's kinsman Edward, duke of York, on a soil containing 6 acres within the precinct of his lordship of Fodryngheye, co. Northampton, of a college of a master, 12 chaplains, 8 clerks and 13 choristers or fewer in honour of St. Mary and All Saints ; and grant to the master and college of the said soil and a yearly farm of 67l. 6s. 8d. which John Cheigne, 'chivaler,' is bound to render to the king after Easter next during the war with France for the keeping of the manors of Newent and Kyngeston, temporalities of the priory of Newent in the counties of Gloucester and Hereford belonging to the alien abbey of St. Mary, Cormeiles. And grant that if the said manors or any possessions belonging to the said priory or to the priory of Avebury, co. Wilts, which is a cell of the abbot of St. George, Baukerville in Normandy, come into the king's hands they shall remain to the master and college during the war; and if the said priories with their possessions be not appropriated to the master and college by the king that then the said abbots and convents may grant the name to them in frank almoin. Grant also of various liberties. {Monasticon, VIII. p. 1411.}
By K. with the assent of Parl. and by p.s.
February 15. 1462. Westminster. 1 Edward IV
Considering the zeal of Edward, late duke of York in the foundation of a college at Fodringhey, co. Northamton, on a site of six acres in his demense there, for a master, twelve chaplains, eight clerks and thirteen choristers or a smaller number, there to celebrate for his soul and those of his progenitors and heirs, the king desiring from pious motives to complete this foundation …;
{various liberties};
the master and college and their successors and all their men and tenants in the said priories, manors, lands and so forth granted or to be granted to them and successors shall be quit for their lands, tenements, goods and chattels within the king's power and dominions (dominica) of all toll, murages, picages, lastages, stallages, pontages, passages, pavages, carriages, prises, chiminages, and gelds (gildis), amercements, suits of counties, hides, wapentakes, lathes and hundreds and of murders and larcenies;
{various liberties};
By p.s. and of the said date etc.

Granted by Henry IV. (Regnal year 13). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By K. with the assent of Parl. and by p.s..
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Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 25/03/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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