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men and tenants of the honour of Leicester (homines et tenentes honoris de Leycestria) was granted an exemption from murage dated 24/5/1416.

CLXV. Letters patent of Henry V. granting freedom from toll.
Box 19, No. 253. and Box D, 252. {May 24, 1416.} {a footnote reads 'Endorsed "Henry IV." in a modern hand, but more probably Henry V.}
Henricus dei gracia Rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibernie vniuersis et singulis vicecomitibus, maioribus, balliuis, constabulariis, ministris et aliis fidelibus et subditis suis, tam infra libertates quam extra, ad quos presentes littere pervenerint salutem. Cum secundum consuetudinem in regno nostro Anglie hactenus optentam et approbatam homines et tenentes honoris de Leycestria a tempore quo non extat memoria quieti esse consueverint a prestacione theolonei, pontagii, picagii, muragii, pauagii, stallagii, passagii, lastagii et cariagii pro bonis et rebus suis per totum regnum nostrum, vobis et cuilibet vestrum precipimus firmiter iniungentes quod omnes et singulos homines et tenentes honoris predicti de huiusmodi theolonio, pontagio, picagio, muragio, pauagio, stallagio, passagio, lastagio, & cariagio vobis seu alicui vestrum pro bonis et rebus suis prestandis quietos esse permittatis iuxta consuetudinem supradictam et prout ipsi inde quieti esse debent ipsique et eorum antecessores, homines et tenentes honoris predicti a tempore predicto hactenus racionabiliter quieti esse consueverunt. Teste me ipso apud villam nostram Leycestrie xxiiii die Maii anno regni nostri quarto.
{No. 253 with large portion of great seal in yellow wax appendant by parchment tag.}

Henry by the grace of God King of England and France and lord of Ireland to all and singular the sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, constables, ministers and other faithful men and his subjects as well within the liberties as without, to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. Whereas according to the custom hitherto obtaining and approved in our realm of England, the men and tenants of the honour of Leicester from the time of which there is no memory were wont to be quit from paying of toll, pontage, pickage, murage, pavage, stallage, passage, lastage and carriage for their goods and things throughout all our realm, we order you and each of you, firmly enjoining that you allow all and singular the men and tenants of the honour aforesaid to be quit of paying such toll, pontage, pickage, murage, pavage, stallage, passage, lastage and carriage to you or any of you for their goods and things, according to the custom abovesaid, and in such wise as they ought to be free therefrom, and as they and their ancestors, men and tenants of the honour aforesaid, from the time aforesaid till now were wont to be reasonably quit. Witness myself at our town of Leicester on the 24th day of May in the fourth year of our reign.

Granted by Henry V. (Regnal year 4). Granted at Leicester.
Primary Sources
Bateson M. (ed), 1901, Records of the Borough of Leicester Vol. 2 p. 228-9 online

Granted at Leicester. Henry V was in Leicester on May 24 in 1414 (2nd year of his reign) but not in 1416. Henry IV was at Westminster in May 1403 (his 4th year).
One might expect this sort of exemption to be granted, as an honour, during a royal visit. Is this a later copy of the patent letter, with a transcribing error? Why is this not enrolled in the calendar?

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 25/12/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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