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men and tenants of the manor of Benson and hamlets of Henley, Nettlebed, Huntercombe, Wyfaude, Preston-Crowmarsh, Wardburg, Silingford and Hupholecombe (manor of Bensington and hamlets of Henlee, Netelbed, Huntercumb, Wyfaude, Prestetromerse, Wardburgh, Sillingford and Hupholcomb) was granted an exemption from murage dated 26/6/1588.

1071 26 Jun 1588. Order that, whereas the hamlets of Henlee, Netelbed, Huntercumb, Wyfaude, Prestetromerse, Wardburgh, Sillingford and Hupholcombe are shown by an inquistion in the Chancery files to have been demenses of Edward I appurtenant to the manor of Bensington (formerly called Besinton), Oxon, which has been certified in the Chancery to be a parcel of the the ancient demense of the crown, the men and tenants of the said hamlets and manor are to be free of toll, pannage, murage, stallage, carriage, pickage, lastage, frontage and passage for their goods throughout England, and quit of contributions to the expenses of the knights of Parliament and of service on assizes, juries and recognitions outside the manor court. {m. 33}

Granted by Elizabeth I. (Regnal year 30).
Primary Sources
Neal, S.R. (ed), 2003, Calendar of patent rolls 30 Elizabeth I (1587-1588) (Kew: List & Index Society 297) p. 180

The Hundred Rolls for 1279 tell us that the jury sworn in reference to Bensington made the return that this manor was of the king's demesne with the hamlets of Henley, Nettlebed, Huntercumbe, Wyfaude, Preston-Crowmarsh, Wardburg, Silingford, and Hupholecumbe; and that the manor with the hamlets, excepting Preston-Crowmarsh and Huntercomb, King Henry gave to his brother with the Chiltern Hundreds. (1904, Notes and Queries p. 441 online)
For similar see Pearman, M.T., 1896, A History of the manor of Bensington (Benson) p. 32 online

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