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burgesses of Shrewsbury was granted an exemption from murage dated 20/9/1265.

Grant to the burgesses of Shrewsbury, because of the constancy with which they have adhered to the king, and Edward his son and for the damages which they sustained for them in the late disturbance and that they and their heirs shall be quit for ever of making any contribution of murage in the realm, and that no merchant of wool shall make any purchases of wool anywhere in the county of Salop except in the market towns of the county.
Feb. 25. 1428. Westminster. 6 Henry VI.
Inspeximus and confirmation, by advice and assent of the lords spiritual and temporal in the Parliament held at Westminister in the king's first year, to the bailiffs, burgesses, good men and commonalty of the town of Salop of a charter, dated 28 September, 1 Henry V {Charter Roll 1 Henry V, part 1, No. 7}, inspecting and confirming a charter, dated 1 June,1 Henry IV {Charter Roll, 1 Henry IV, part 3, No. 6}, inspecting and confirming the following:-
I. A charter, dated 22 November, 13 Richard II {Charter Roll, 11 to 13 Richard II, No. 8}, inspecting and confirming letters patent, dated 17 January, 1 Richard II, inspecting and confirming the following:-
1. A charter, dated 10 March, 11 Edward III,inspecting and confirming a charter, dated 25 October, 2 Edward III, inspecting and confirming the following:-
(1) A charter, dated 10 August, 40 Henry III, granting to the then, burgesses the return of writs and other privileges.
(2) A charter, dated 6 February, 13 Edward II, inspecting and confirming the following:-
a. A charter, dated 20 March, 11 Henry III, granting to the then burgesses the farm of the borough and hundred and other privileges.
b. Another, charter of the same dlate, being a grant to the burgesses, that no one shall buy fresh hides or unfinished (crudum) cloth in the borough, unless he be in lot and scot, assises, and tallages.
c. A charter, dated 10 August, 40 Henry III, being a grant that the goods of such burgesses shall not be seized for debt unless the owners be principal debtors or sureties for the same.
d. Letters patent, dated 22 September, 49 Henry III, exempting the burgesses from murage in England.
2. A charter, dated 4 May,15 Edward III {Charter Roll, 15 Edward III, No. 19}.
II. Letters patent, dated 7 February, 19 Richard II, in favour of the bailiffs, burgesses, good men and commonalty of the said town.
III. Letters patent, dated 5 March, 51 Edward III, inspecting and oonfirming No. (2), c. above.
By K. and C. in Parliament.
Allocac' muragii pro villa Salopp'.
Be it remembered that on Tuesday next after the Feast of St. Michael {29 Sept.}, 4 Edward III. {A.D. 1330}, came burgesses of the vill of Salopesbyre before Simon de Swanlond, the Mayor, Nicholas de Farndone, John de Grantham, Gregory de Nortone, Reginald de Conduit, John de Prestone, Richard de Hakeneye, Thomas de Leyre, John Priour, and Henry de Seccheford, Aldermen, and asked to be quit of murage in the City of London according to the terms of a charter dated at Winchester, 22 Sept., 49 Henry III. {A.D. 1265}, and confirmed by another charter dated at New Sarum, 25 Oct., 2 Edward III. {A.D. 1328}.
Their petition allowed.
10. {Henry III. Of a grant, in reward of the fidelity of the burgesses, of exemption from murage throughout the kingdom, and restricting woolmerchants from purchasing wool in the county except in the market towns, there is an office copy (certified by Robert Lemon) from the record in the Tower of London. Dated at Winchester, 22 Sept. an. 49 (1265)}.

Granted by Henry III. (Regnal year 49). Granted at Winchester.
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Secondary Sources
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