A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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This a bibliography of texts which may be of interest for those who want to increase their understanding of the medieval castle etc. It is also the general bibliography that informs the comments made in the Gatehouse website.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing of sources and texts although it is a reasonable selection of the best sources and texts available for English and Welsh medieval defenses and palaces. Titles in bold are those of particular value or interest.

Click on the hypertexted title for a brief description of the book and its full publication details.

General castle texts

These are textbooks giving a general overview of the form and function of castles and other fortifications;

Texts giving a closer view of the social, archaeological or architectural aspects of castles

General medieval history (mainly regarding politics, 'great people' and 'great events')

Text on specific aspects of medieval history relating to fortifications and palaces

Primary Sources

Image of frontcover of Medieval Archaeology by Christopher Gerrard

Texts dealing with Castle Studies

Older texts now of interest mainly to those concerned with the development of castle studies

Books dealing with Specific Castles

The following is a short selection of full and detailed books dealing with individual castles which amount to much more than a guide book, or detailed archaeological reports of excavations, other such book can be found in the individual site records;
Both English Heritage and CADW (Welsh Historic Monuments) produce individual guidebook for the castles in their care. These are universally of good quality, the CADW guides noticeably so, although occasionally the texts are quite old even if the revision of illustrations and publication dates makes them seem new. See the organisations respective web sites for availability.

The National Trust produces guidebooks for some of the castles in its care, these are of variable quality from the point of view of medieval castellology. Bodium castle has a fine guide, Powis castle has a poor one.

Other castles owned privately or by local authorities have guides of very variable quality, most are barely adequate, none reach the standard of CADW guides but a few are of interest. Some other authors and publishers produce books on individual castles. Some of the great castles like Windsor have numerous books, many of little value. Paul Martin Remfry has produced many texts on individual castle, mostly in the Welsh Marches. These are of high academic quality, if occasionally controversial. Basic details of guide books and other references to individual sites can be found on the individual site pages in the Gatehouse website.

This page last updated 19 October 2016.